Caja investing $20 million to improve San Juan de Dios

The Nation’s health agency is spending about $20 million to improve Hospital San Juan de Dios, one of the three San José public hospitals.

In all there are 46 projects, and these include remodeling 15 operating rooms. Other projects involve neurosurgery, urology, hemodialysis and the chemotherapy pharmacy, said the Caja Costarricese de Seguro Social. Several projects are finished and the majority are underway, said the Caja. Some jobs involve adding air conditioning to sections that do not now have it.
The hospital is well known for its trauma expertise.

More expats are becoming familiar with the Caja hospitals now that they are required to affiliate with the national health system as a condition of residency.

Some of the projects are not obvious to a visitor in that they involve the sanitary systems or the boilers for the laundry services. The total in colons is 10 billion.

Some operating rooms at the hospital had been closed by health officials because of their condition.

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