Caribbean side ignored by government leaders

Your guest writer Carol Meeds talks about applauding the government’s actions in bulldozing places in Cahuita and Puerto Viejo that are in the maritime zone. She retired there from Florida and now wants to change everything to fit her idea of “ecological protection.” However, does she have a clue as to how the Caribbean side of the country was treated until they were allowed to cross that line that kept them from the rest of the country until 1954?

Does she even realize that they have been mostly ignored and very unfunded by the government ? Most of these people and places have been there for decades, long before the government decided that their wealthy friends might want to build tourist marinas and megahotels there. Remember Mata Palo, when the government razed locals’ houses near the beach so the developers could build their places? Maritime land, big bucks, big contributions. The places the government wants to bulldoze have been there for many many years, and have not expanded or encroached further. She should maybe expend some energy preventing the huge marina that has been proposed for the Cahuita area on the Caribbean.

Pat Elliot
Michigan City, Indiana,
and Cahuita visitor

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