Cell phone tower sites face thieves seeking batteries

Forget stealing the copper cable, crooks have found out that cell telephone antenna sites contain lead batteries that are worth $10,000 each.

Thieves stole batteries from at least three towers early Saturday. But the Fuerza Pública was able to detain a vehicle and three suspects in Atenas. Officers also managed to recover 24 of the batteries.

The thieves first sacked a cell tower location in La Garita about 5 a.m. Some 25 minutes later there were break-ins into a tower site in Atenas Central. When they forced their way into a third tower site at Alto del Monte they were confronted by employees of the cell phone company. The crooks claimed to be employees who lost their keys, and then they fled.

They are believed to have entered a fourth tower site in Barrio de Jesús de Atenas, said the Fuerza Pública.

Police managed to make the arrests about 6 p.m. The value of the stolen batteries was estimated at $40,000

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