Country’s social system traps those seeking a living

Reading today’s articles I was saddened by an article written by the usually funky contributor Jo Stuart, where she made the statement: “As soon as there was marriage, there was prostitution, not necessarily for the needs of men, but rather for women who did not wish to be tied down to marriage and children.” . . . then she compounded the baseless comment with “Perhaps today call girls fill the role of hetaerae” and lastly: “the street hetaerae were paid for the evening, prostitutes are paid for the deed. ”

Jo, where have you been? Any woman who reads your highbrow comments would believe you make light of a bad situation. The hetaerae/woman who works the streets or the halls of The Rey would rather do anything but what it is they do if only this country offered a social support system or provided an opportunity to make a living wage and put food on the table.

Perhaps you thought your comments would stimulate a philosophical discussion and work towards a solution to these crimes of abuse against women. Instead, your hand pushes these women further down into the street.
Ray Landry

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