Despite possible more taxes, government cannot collect

The president thinks that by piling on more taxes the taxpayers who do pay will help bring the magic number of $500,000,000 into the treasury. Problem is there still is no avenue of collection. If there were, then the $500,000,000 would be there right now for her and her coworkers to abuse as usual.

I have recently abandoned several of my corporations and have instructed my attorney not to renew my residency. There is no upside to being a party to the abuse. I guess I need to start hiding instead of being transparent considering this is what the majority of the people in Costa Rica do. There are other options in this world. My son is in Ecuador and renting an air conditioned cabina on the beach for $3 a day with some of the best waves in the world just outside his door.

I’m cashing out, but unfortunately it will be a real struggle, thanks to the government turning the tide on the advantages of living in Costa Rica.
Bruce Simpson
Hone Creek

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