Every dog has his day, and for some their day was Sunday

A.M. Costa Rica photos/Shahrazad Encinias Vela Lola after her accident moves with a doggie wheelchair

Lola calmly sat for pictures as bystanders stopped in awe at the white, curly haired, three-legged dog. The teacup French poodle rolled in excitement to those who stopped and flashed their cameras and camera phones at her.

The Asociación Defensa Animal rescued Lola after her owner had accidentally run her over with a car and didn’t want to deal with the pet care consequences. So the animal rescue organization adopted her and nursed her back to health. Now Lola sits in a wheelchair for dogs that has allowed her to get around with the rest of her doggy pals.

The organization was out in full-force as part of an environment and animal rights rally Sunday morning at the Plaza de la Democracia. They had many of their members come out in their black polo shirts and walk around with one of their rescued pets. There was another white dog who only had three legs. He jumped and played around like any four-legged animal. There was a black dog who lay on the ground on his back to get his belly scratched. His tongue hung out to the side. This particular pet had only his two hind legs, he was missing his front legs. He was born with both front legs really short, almost stuck to his body.

Dogs have birth defects, too. But they still like petting

The light rain and dark thunderous clouds didn’t stop hundreds of activists showing their support. Many advocates took their pets in the dual themed rally.

One of the bigger issues that the Frente de Resistencia Animal y de la Tierra mentioned was indignation toward a member of the legislature who came out last week in support of cockfights. The organization said it was an embarrassment for the country to have a public figure come out and say such a thing. The frustration is from the fact that Costa Rica prides itself as an environmental- and animal-friendly country. Víctor Danilo Cubero Corrales of Movimiento Libertario said in an interview with La Nación that he was a fan of cockfights and that his family has taken part in the violent sport for several generations.

Members of the the Frente de Resistencia Animal y de la Tierra wore masks that represented an animal that they felt is underrepresented in animal rights rallies. There was a mask that was a full headpiece of a yellow fish and an “x” for the eyes to represent its death. There were other masks such as cows, pigs, cats, and dogs Costa Rica claims to have a love for animals, said one of the advocates on a megaphone. But he said this is false. Animals are equal to humans, and there should be more laws to protect them, he said. The crowd cheered and applauded. The organization supports a proposed law to provide protection to animals.

The rally began to end after really loud thunder scared many of the pets and certain activists. And it finally rained.

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