Extreme feminist agenda wants to control freedoms

Yes, the emperor has no clothes.

The editorial was a small step in the general direction of what is the more important point: the disguised promotion of extreme feminist agenda. Why does the author perceive the sex trade a problem? Is it a problem in Nevada? His perception of the sex trade is a result of feminist indoctrination.

Groups like Fundación Rehab say freedom is the issue, and in reality freedom is the issue. It’s just that they want to choose which freedoms women can indulge. Freedom to dress like a puta in front of a church thereby insulting the majority of traditional Ticos during a slut walk — yes. Freedom to dress in the same manner and participate in victimless actions between consenting adults — no.

Many of these foundations are hypocrites purveying extreme feminism. The same feminism that spits in the eye of traditional values and leaves homes motherless as most feminist see being a stay-at-home mother as a second-class job.

The whoring is going on in Hollywood with their extreme progressive values plastered all over the big and small screen. Men continually degraded by the almost obligatory kick to the groin and following laugh track. Have you ever seen a woman kick a man in the groin in a Colombian soap opera? If the sexes are equal, than why does Hollywood not show women kicked in the groin by men with the corresponding laugh track in tow?

This is the extreme progressives prostituting the U.S. film industry for their financial gain. Who are the real whores? The result? Traditional cultures run airplanes into tall towers to try to protect their women from Hollywood perversion and male denigration. Traditional valued white men have been seen as the oppressors for too long. It’s time to say enough.

Sex tourism is less harmful than drinking and gambling. I don’t see anyone taking the moral high ground against alcohol addiction that ruins people health and family, and gambling that can be financially devastating. Both are going on in the same casino along with the sex trade… well?

Fundación Rehab is a guide to promoting the radical feminist agenda. Just as the puta walk was not about discrimination and violence perpetrated on women, but rather promoting the feminist’s anti-motherhood, anti-traditional family values agenda. Yes. the emperor has no clothes…
Phil Baker
Costa Rica

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