Fake 20,000-colon notes showing up in Guanacaste

Counterfeiters are making copies of this bill.

Judicial police say that bogus 20,000-colon notes are showing up in Guanacaste.

Agents said that individuals purchased goods in Playa Hermosa and Huacas. The bill is the one that was issued in 2010 bearing the image of writer-politician Carmen Lyra.

This also is the bill that many merchants have declined to take because they are not used to them and that they are hard to pass on. They would be equivalent to a U.S. $40 note.

The Judicial Investigating Organization gave some tips on how to spot the bad bills. One test is to see if the hair of Carmen Lyra has a different texture than the rest of the bill. Also, the image of one of the rabbits contains the legend Pura Vida.

Most banks have graphics showing how the genuine bills can be distinguished from photocopied fakes. One purpose by the Banco Central in issuing the bill was to make counterfeiting harder.

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