Former Women’s Lib backer agrees movement is radical

As a woman who participated in the original “Women’s Lib” movement, I would like to thank Mr. Baker for his comments. The movement I joined was about equal opportunity, equal work for equal pay, and respect for individual talents in all areas of life. That was not the movement I left.

In the early ‘70s, I ran into the established male bias in employment and, after securing a solid position, nearly lost it to that bias. Nevertheless, I left the movement when I realized that it had become radicalized to the extent that the movement’s leadership had decided to dictate the choices a woman make and still be held in call herself liberated – or even a woman. Mother and homemaker were no longer possible choices, at least, not acceptable ones, and speaking out about those choices as personal decisions that needed to be respected was unacceptable.

Let me make it clear that I loathe the sex trade, particularly the transporting of unwilling women to be used up and thrown away (worse is the abhorrent sex trade in children), but Mr. Baker’s points about extreme feminist views have some validity. And those views, as expressed in the entertainment industry, are both rampant and misguided.

As to prostitution, it may come down to choices and alternatives. A child’s hunger can force a choice, a desire for luxuries can prompt a choice. I wish I had answers . . . .
Victoria Torley
Aguacate, Costa Rica

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