Fuerza Pública officer dumped because of his Nazi beliefs

A good policeman must have a touch of authoritarianism. After all, that’s the job. But being a Nazi is more than Costa Rica wants, at least when the affiliation shows up on the Internet.

So the security minster fired a Fuerza Pública officer Tuesday after a minor flap because the man showed up in an Internet social site smoking in uniform, drinking a bottle of beer and standing with comrades giving a Nazi salute.

The man is Ronald Herrera Borges, who was assigned to the San Pedro detachment.

According to Mario Zamora Cordero, the minister, being a Nazi is outside the political beliefs that the police force will accept. Police officers should not join movements that demand xenophobia political positions, he was quoted as saying in a news release.
The minister fired the police officer with what is called responsibilidad patronal, meaning the man must get a payoff because no fault can be shown.

But Zamora said that the man was not a very good officer anyway. He has been late, clashed with colleagues and did not follow orders, the minister said.

Zamora acted rapidly after photos of the officer showed up in the Spanish news media. But members of the Partido Acción Ciudadana said that they saw the photos three months ago and reported them to the officer’s superiors but nothing happened.

It was they who leaked the photos to the news media, they said.

Zamora said that higher ups in the Ministerio de Gobernación, Policía y Seguridad Pública will review hiring practices to see if they can weed out applicants with anti-social tendencies.

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