Government babysitting should address other woes

I just love it that the government is out to protect the health of the public citizens by not allowing smoking in public places. Wonderful. I guess all the other issues dealing with public health and well being were secretly solved, and I missed it.

According to statistics, more people are killed and harmed by alcohol than smoking, so drinking in public should be banned immediately. While we are at it, can we ban cell phones since they have been shown to cause a very serious type of brain tumor, and many people have car accidents while talking on cell phones? Add to the list of bans fluoride in the table salt as fluoride is a serious toxin.

I suppose we should just sit back and let the government babysit us and make all the decisions for us. If we believe that this ban was placed to protect citizens, I do believe we deserve what we get. The government does not want to protect us from anything. We need to do that for ourselves.

Quaint and casual Costa Rica is becoming just like the rest of the police-controlled world. It is a sad fact indeed.
I would take a seat by a peaceful smoker over an idiotic drunk any day of the week.

Can I call the police when I have to breathe the filthy air in San José when business requires that I make the trip? Will the bus driver get a ticket? I think not.
Debora Edholm

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