Most bars and restaurants appear to be respecting tobacco law

Anyone having trouble walking down the street in front of a bar or a large office building can blame the new anti-tobacco law.

The majority of San José restaurants and bars are following the law in posting signs prohibiting smoking and in trying to enforce the new edict. That means smokers are forced to congregate outside the establishments in the open air to get in a few drags.

Compliance is not universal. In at least one downtown nightspot, there were plenty of smokers Saturday night. In one case, a smoker asked a bartender for a light, and she quickly ignited his cigarette without any comments about the new law.

That particular bar had plenty of ash trays distributed for customers.

The law prohibits smoking even in private offices. Smoking at bus stops even is forbidden.

There does not seem to be any enforcement, which is supposed to be the responsibility of the Fuerza Pública. For legal reasons, officers may be waiting until the central government publishes regulations on implementing the new law.

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