National insurance company has one speed: Very slow

How incompetent are these people. And I mean INS [The Instituto Nacional de Seguros], not just one person.

Since the Feb. 13 earthquake, our water tank for my house water, was damage. I made a claim for repairs and to this date, nearly two months later, we have not been reimbursed for the damage even though it is an approved claim! I have been given every excuse for delays that would fill a small paperback book!

I had to route our water into reserve tanks just to have water for our house. At my expense! I requested a tanker truck bring us potable water! That never happened!

I even talked to an attorney about this and her suggestion was to pay for it myself and then pursue INS for reimbursement! I can just imagine the time and expense this would cost me.

I wouldn’t recommend INS as a competent business. All I’ve seen while in their main office is hundreds of people waiting for answers just like me!
Ray Helgath
Santa Barbara de Heredia

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