New legal book designed to help foreigners adjust to country

Expats have a new resource to help guide their lives in Costa Rica.

Christopher Howard’s book company has produced an electronic summary of the country’s laws. It is “Guide to Costa Rica’s Legal System for Tontos (Dumbells).”

Said Howard: “This guide is primarily designed to answer basic legal questions, explain some of Costa Rica’s laws and issues and common situations foreigners may confront and how the legal system works. By no means is it intended to take the place of an attorney.”

Howard is well-known as the expert on Spanish language. He has written books on Costa Rican Spanish and the way the language is spoken in other countries. So,naturally, he has included a section on the translation of legal words “Basically it was written because I wanted to include the information in the new 17th edition of my perennial bestseller ‘The New Golden Door to Retirement and living in Costa Rica,’ said Howard. However, since the latter is almost 700 pages long, the book would have been too bulky for travelers at over 850 pages. Consequently, I chose to have a separate guidebook to deal with the subject.” The legal book is 134 pages.

Any reader of A.M. Costa Rica knows the problems that new arrivals and even veteran expats may face in Costa Rica when they do not know the laws, traditions and customs. Howard’s book treats those topics, such as residency, buying a car, taxes. Marriage, divorce and alimony, and an outline of the country’s legal system.

Many U.S. expats are anxious to purchase property and protect it with a handgun. Howard addresses those topics, too. The book is available as a download on the Costa Rica Books Web site.

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