Praises of caffeine benefits were slanted and biased

As a long time yoga teacher and therapist, and occasional coffee enjoyer I might add, I find it rather incredible with all the research pointing to stress as a leading indicator in nearly all of the most widespread deadly diseases, such as cancer and heart disease, and the proven fact that caffeine is a major cause of stress, that you are so blatantly ignoring this fact in your glowingly slanted praises of coffee/caffeine.

I find this rather sad and surprising, in that in most cases I find your reporting to be pretty balanced.

Yet anyone afflicted with stress related diseases, or those who have gone through caffeine detox, must be scratching their heads at this shameless barrage of ridiculously slanted, biased reporting of the wonders of large scale coffee, and caffeine consumption.

Most folks these days know this, yet you seem intent on bucking the tide, with your misleading assumptions and conclusions based on portions of on-going research.

Hopefully most folks look upon your newspaper for the entertainment that it provides in such absurdities as your coffee espousement, than actual journalism.

Hari Singh Khalsa

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