President challenges Intel to invest more millions in Costa Rica

Intel celebrated its 15 years of business in Costa Rica at the Museos del Banco Central underneath the Plaza de la Cultura in downtown San José Wednesday. President Laura Chinchilla joined the festivities. During her speech she challenged the company to invest $500 million into the country within the next five years.

The firm brings in $180 million, that is approximately 9 percent of all exports in the country. For the past four years the company has made up 6 percent of the country’s gross domestic product. That is approximately $2 billion a year.

Intel also celebrated the company as the No. 1 exporter.

Ms. Chinchilla was accompanied by members of her cabinet
and the U. S. Ambassador to Costa Rica, Anne Slaughter Andrew.

The president was awarded a plaque from Intel to show the firm’s gratitude for her constant support of the company.

Intel has 2,850 employees in the country. According to a study, Intel hires more women than any other business in the country’s labor market.

The firm provides approximately $25 million to the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social as social security payments on worker’s salaries. The firm has paid nearly $900 million since starting operations here in 1997.

In its Ribera de Belén, Heredia, plant Intel makes microprocessors and handles Intel’s finances. In Aurora de Heredia the company is involved in information technology.

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