Regional director of traffic police snared in tow truck abuse

Calling for a tow truck is not usually a crime, but it can be if you are a traffic police official and the tow truck comes from your agency.

Last March 11, a regional official of the Policía de Tránsito dispatched an agency tow truck to aid an employee who was on a day off and enjoying the countryside with her family. She had a problem with her personal vehicle near the Río Tárcoles north of Jacó.

A police tow truck took the employee’s ailing car to Desamparados.

Doing a favor for an employee takes on a different aspect when public funds or public equipment is involved.
That is why the official, identified by the last name of Jiménez,was detained Tuesday morning by agents of the Sección Especializada en Tránsito of the Judicial Investigating Organization.

The allegation is embezzlement or misuse of public funds.

The regional director went to the Juzgado Penal de Hacienda in Goicoechea where a judge suspended him from his job for three months and ordered other restrictions, said the Poder Judicial.

Police agencies have a heightened awareness of such allegations now after a month of scandals involving public officials.

The latest involved the mayor of Coronado who made the mistake of driving a municipal vehicle to a sexual encounter at a San Francisco de Dos Ríos motel Friday.

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