Severed head of panther prompts students to march

The discovery of the head of a black panther is providing the impetus for a march today in the community of Pejibaye.

The animal head was found at Parque Nacional Tapantí in Paraíso de Cartago earlier this month after two youngsters were pictured with it on a social media page.

Many of the marchers today will be from the Colegio Ambientalista de Pejibaye and the event is titled Marcha Pacífica de Sensibilización a favor de la Vida Silvestre or “a peaceful mark to raise awareness in favor of the forest life.”

The event begins at 8:30 a.m. at the colegio.

As a Costa Rica Report said April 3 authorities working for the National System of Conservation Areas and the Judicial Investigation Organization found on Monday afternoon the severed head of a black jaguar. Police near Tapantí National Park in Paraíso de Cartago made the gruesome discovery after deciding to investigate images seen circulating on Internet social networks.

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