State of country’s finances is obvious to everyone

We know now more clearly were all the money is going after seeing A.M. Costa Rica article today.  Those making over 6K per month 430 Ticos, plus in the other institutions 3.450 are making more than 6K. And they are not counting the diputados, judges and other entities. Crunch the numbers of active workers you get well over $350 million plus their benefits. Now factor in all the retirees. I am guessing close to a cool half billion that is committed to the upper society elite. Not to mention the total accumulation of the “common workers” here.

This crushing debt has not been really addressed. The only proposal is a wishy washy freeze on their salaries. Not to mention all the projects that failed, like the bridge needing repairs over the years and roads work covering the manhole covers. Sell property then what rent back at a high price? Look how former financial minister Fernando Herrero and his wife, Florisabel Rodríguez  making money doing just that and low balling the property value.

No wonder President Laura and the Partido Liberación Nacional has to borrow $500 million from the Chinese government and give them fishing rights and unprecedented taking of the natural resources. Try to sell bonds to raise a cool $500 million.  We need a president and diputados with a spine looking out for this country, not themselves.

How about those salaries cut by 25 percent and retirement cut as well. And tighten the belt. Why is Ms. Chinchilla wanting Intel Corp. to commit to $500 million here? Taxing kiwi fruit? How about Europe taxing our pineapples?  Because she desperately  needs the income. The Costa Ricans are being taxed and taxed to their limit unless you are making the 6K plus.

How much can Costa Rica collect in personal income taxes,  property taxes, corporation taxes,  marcharmo, luxury taxes, airport fees, import/export taxes, gasoline taxes, energy taxes and list goes on and on. . . . .

The chickens are coming home to roost here and very soon. If we can all see this, why is this being ignored? Stupidity is my guess.

Dwayne Egelund
La Uruca

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