Strip club mainstay is now the new elegant exercise fad

Sisy Salas photo Sisy Salas demostrates what she teaches

The skill of pole dancing has come out of strip clubs and gained elegance as a new exercise fad. What used to be considered seedy has found a place in certain dance studios and have taken over as the new, sexy workout trend.

And, according to some dance studio operators, this is the more popular class. Mariela Alvarado, pole dance instructor and part owner of Provocarte in Escazú, said that at her studio her dancers are really enjoying the course and because of this classes continue to grow. She also said that because of the intense workout that pole dancing provides many women have exchanged their time at the gym for her class.

“The people prefer to do this which is more dynamic than going to the gym and lifting weights,” said Ms. Alvarado.

The benefits of pole dancing include flexibility, stretching, working out all muscles, and everything else that is a result of dance, said Ms. Alvarado.

Besides the physical attributes gained from the intensive workout there are also emotional encouragements, such as self-esteem developed in the sexy exercise.

Sisy Salas, owner and pole dance instructor for Sisy Danza Estudio in San Ramón, said the class is taken by all kinds of women and they are forced to dance in front of a mirror.

She said it was a given that most of these women want to dance for someone. That is why they take her refined exotic dance class. As part of her lesson, she asked her students to bring in a stuffed animal that will represent a person. This will help them learn the mannerisms and attitude needed to sensualize the dance, she said.

Ms. Salas has created a belly dance fusion with the popular strip club dances. She has infused the famous Middle Eastern dance with lap dancing and pole dancing.

“I’m trying to innovate the dance,” said Ms. Salas. “It is now more refined and elegant.”

Although dance studios have adopted the taboo dance into their new popular racy class, the pole dance hasn’t lost its fervor over a little commercialization. In fact it hasn’t faded inside the strip clubs.

At Tango India, an upscale strip club in La Uruca, dancers aren’t referred to any school. The club has its own private lessons, an employee said when he thought a reporter was applying for a job.

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