That stress is in your head, not in your coffee cup

Hari Singh Khalsa of Cóbano put down the studies regarding the benefits of coffee.  He still holds on to old studies about stress and says that it is a proven fact that caffeine is a major cause of stress and that stress causes heart disease as well as cancer and other diseases.

He is right about stress causing a number of diseases.   I would like to clarify that research and results continually change.  Scientific study is all about new findings and changes of old ideas.   It is not proven that caffeine is a major cause of stress as Singh stated.  The major cause of stress is just thought.  It is your thoughts that cause stress not caffeine.  Caffeine may be a stimulant, which it is, but it depends on what your thoughts do with that stimulant.

Most people are not addicted to coffee and don’t need to go through caffeine detox because they don’t consume that much caffeine daily.   A.M. Costa Rica was just reporting on a very thorough new report about the benefits of coffee.  Other researchers have come up with the same results as well.  Just because it was reported to be bad in the past doesn’t mean that would always remain true.  Keep doing your yoga and you won’t have to worry about an overload of stress.  I do yoga as well as Tai Chi every morning.  After I finish, I have two delicious cups of coffee while reading A.M. Costa Rica.    I haven’t been sick in many years nor seen a doctor in years as well.  Stress is in all in your mind not in the coffee.

Henry Kantrowitz
Punta Leona

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