The rains were mostly in the mountains around Central Valley

A.M. Costa Rica/Shahrazad Encinias Vela Jacotes covered with plastic shows just slight sprinkles

The first really good storm of the year socked the mountains around the Central Valley Monday. Some high points had as much as 47.2 millimeters of rain. That’s nearly 1.9 inches and the amount was recorded on Cerro Chitaria in Santa Ana after 7 a.m. Monday.

In San José the rain was not even enough to register although there were some sprinkles.

The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional had predicted some afternoon rains in its Semana Santa report. But for the most part the day was cloudy and dry in the Central Valley.

About the same is predicted for today with day-long cloudiness in the Central Valley and the central and south Pacific. The north Pacific will see partly cloudy or nearly clear skies, said the weather institute.

Again, the weather forecast said there will be showers in the mountains. Also predicted was slightly lower temperatures but continued humidity. The Caribbean coast is likely to have partly cloudy skies with isolated showers mainly in the south.

The storm that swept west of the Central Valley Monday was accompanied by lightning, and some electrical distribution systems were affected as well as some cable television lines. It served to remind residents that they need to protect their electronic equipment before the rainy season.

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