Two new art exhibits opening this weekend at culture ministry

This is opening weekend for two new art exhibits highlighting Central American culture at the Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo.

One of the shows is a collection of interpretations about the Costa Rican saying “esa vara.” Which could be translated into “that thing.”

Artist Virginia Pérez-Ratton created this collection with more than 40 pieces. She has collected intervention art pieces from her fellow artists to create her own works.

The other show is a collection of mini-documentaries about Central American women artists. The artists Patricia Velásquez, Jurgen Ureña and Jonathan Harker created this series to show the women in the field who they said have a trajectory of major influence in the region.
The women represented in the documentaries come from six different countries, including Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama and Costa Rica.

They are artists Regina Galindo, Isabel Ruiz, Diana de Solares, Mayra Barraza, Cristina Gozzini, Regina Aguilar, Patricia Belli, Claudia Gordillo, Priscilla Monge, Lucía Madríz, Donna Conlon and Sandra Eleta.

The small museum is on the corner of Calle 15 and Avenida 3. It’s on the same property as the Ministerio de Cultura y Juventude.

The shows will run until May 26. Those interested can check out the museum Web site at

Prices and times depend on the day. The museum is free on Mondays.

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