Urban culture on display for 10 days at Parque la Libertad

An urban arts fair will take place during a 10-day festival in Desamparados, beginning today.

The IV Festival Abierto de Danza y Arte Urbano will end on April 29 with a battle of the bands finale in Parque la Libertad. Although the festival starts today, the main events will be on the final two days, April 28 and 29.

According to the creator of the cultural event, Miguel Bolaños, this is an opportunity for everyone to enjoy and discover the art scene of urban culture. He said those oblivious or uneducated about the urban arts will be able to soak up the culture.

“The festival has been a very necessary space for the community,” said Bolaños.

It was first held in San José said Bolaños, but he then moved it to the suburb of the city because there was a bigger breakdance urban community. And Parque de La Libertad is a space with a lot of culture, he said.
At the festival there will be plenty of opportunities for workshops and live shows to experience the urban culture of the Central Valley in Costa Rica.

The art culture of urbanization was born in the streets, said Bolaños. He was born in Colombia and has lived in this Central American country for 10 years. He had a project for break dancers called La Zona, where he encouraged youths to continue in the arts regardless the form.

He said he was surprised and intrigued to find the growing urban arts scene in the country. This included break dancers, graffiti artists, parkour, turn-table spinning, and other arts from the urban or hip-hop culture. The festival is open to all ages and open to the public.

There is no cost to participate in the workshops or to watch the live shows. The festival is sponsored by an Iberoamerican funding.

Those interested for further information on the day-to-day particular events can visit the park’s Web site at www.parquelalibertad.org.

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