Volcanologist take a stroll through Hell to get hot video

The volcanologists call it “Walking at the edge of Hell: Turrialba Volcano.” The Hell is the caldera of the volcano that continues to expel vapor.

Danilo Di Genova, Alessandro Vona and Andrea Di Piazza of the Italian Roma Tre University climbed up to the summit of the smoking volcano Wednesday. Accompanying them was Gerardo Soto of the Red Sismológica Nacional at Universidad Nacional.

They were not disappointed. The volcano continued to emit a column of vapor from what is believed to be a new aperture or fumerol. One of the scientists carried a video camera that shows how close they came to the crumblng, ashy edge of the caldera. Eventually the team reached a point where they could look directly down into a hole in the flank of the caldera where sulphur seemed to accumulate and hot vapor climbed skyward.

A photo taken by Soto Thursday from a distance shows a tall column of vapor over the volcano.

The Wednesday video, which is HERE on YouTube also gives a view of the rest of the sprawling caldera. The mountain is closed to visitors because of the volcano’s activity. So the video is the closest non-scientists can get to the caldera. The team also visted Volcán Irazú, which is nearby.

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