Woman survives attack but endures 50 stab wounds

Investigators did not say if she was a girlfriend or a wife. But the relationship was enough to provoke 50 stab wounds at a cabina in Santa Cruz.

The Judicial Investigating Organization said that Sunday a man arrived at the Cabinas Las Tecas in Barrio San Martín and pulled a knife on a man who has the last name of Guido. He is 24. The man with the knife stabbed the 24 year old in the hand and Guido fled, agents said. But then the man with the knife turned on the woman, identified by the last name of Ortega. She also is 24.

The assailant, identified as someone who has a relationship with the female victim, stabbed her at least 50 times, according to agents. Somehow she survived because the judicial police and the Poder Judicial are calling the case attempted murder.

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