Bandits invade condo complex in Curridabat during daytime

Bandits invaded a Curridabat condo complex in mid-morning and broad daylight Thursday. They tied up individuals there and sacked the compound, said the Judicial Investigating Organization.

A preliminary report said that the bandits, armed and wearing ski masks, confronted a woman outside her condo in the complex in Guayabos de Curridabat. The gang of about five persons took the woman to another condo where they encountered yet another woman.

Both victims were taken to a small service room where they found three other persons tied up.
The crooks spent more than an hour going through condos.

They took a small safe from one residence, said agents.

About the same time five bandits were sticking up a couple at the Polideportivo in Barrio Aranjuez in northeast San José. These bandits used a knife to take cell telephones, coats and other items of value, said the Fuerza Pública.

However, officers caught up with five suspects a short distance to the north in San Francisco de Goicoechea. Police said the victims identified the suspects, and officers recovered the items that were taken. Each has prior arrests for robbery, police said.
The five suspects were to appear before the Tribunal de Flagrancia that administers quick justice.

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