Beer distributor to check July 4 picnic drinkers

Visitors to the July 4 Independence Day event here will be under closer scrutiny this year as far as alcohol consumption is concerned.

The American Colony Committee said that as part of its corporate social responsibility program, Florida Ice & Farm y Subsidiarias S.A. is implementing a new policy to control underage drinking and drunk driving. The policy applies to all major events where the firm’s beer is served. Personnel from the company will be checking IDs near the beer stand. There also is the possibility that visitors will be carded at the entry and given bracelets to wear if they plan to consume beer.

The July 4 event is on the picnic grounds of the Cervercería Costa Rica, one of the subsidiaries of Florida Ice & Farm.

Two years ago was the last time that the event was held at the picnic grounds, and Costa Rican traffic police set up checkpoints to seek those who may have had too much of the free beer.

Drunk driving penalties are steep.

The American Colony Committee also modified one of the statements in an A.M. Costa Rica article Thursday. The article had said that U.S. citizens may bring a non-U.S. friend to the picnic. That is not completely true, said the committee Thursday. The new policy this year limits a U.S. citizen to bringing one Costa Rican friend. The committee did that to honor Costa Rica. Persons from other countries cannot attend as a friend, according to the rule. In the past the event was open only to U.S. citizens and immediate family.

The picnic begins July 4 at 9 a.m. and runs until 1 p.m. Admission is 5,000 colons, about $10 for an adult and 3,000 colons or about $6 for a child 10 years and under. The official program that includes the raising of a U.S. Flag begins at 11 a.m.

The committee said that workers at the gates would be checking for proof of U.S. citizenship and Costa Rican citizenship for any guests.

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