Burglary tips include dog, alarm, good locks

The Fuerza Pública has come out with a set of suggestions so that citizens can avoid home robberies. Chief among them is that someone always should be in the home and that a dog would be a good idea.

The police agency also suggested alarms and keeping bills and other types of mail out of the hands of passers-by who might learn about the family from them.

The agency seems to stress efforts to prevent break-ins and burglaries because armed home invasions are far more violent and nearly impossible to stop. Crooks sometimes chain a front gate to a vehicle and pull it down then crash through an exterior door.

The circumstances that open the way for a crime frequently are the doing of the victims, said the agency. One recent home invasion took place because the resident left open the front door.

Included on the list are contacts and relationships with neighbors and a watchful eye on strangers in the area.

The agency also suggests not leaving items like clothing, bikes and similar objects in view from the street. It also suggested a good survey of the home to locate and eliminate possible points of entry.

The recommendations are high on getting good locks, using chain locks and cleaning up possible hiding places around the home or in the yard. The recommendations also promoted exterior lighting.

The suggestions made no mention of defensive weapons.

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