Changes coming in government’s rules for inspecting vehicles

The agency in charge of vehicle safety is updating the manual that Riteve SyC S.A. uses to do inspections. The changes are expected to be published in the La Gaceta official newspaper soon, and the Consejo de Seguridad Vial said that it will begin an information campaign to alert vehicle owners to the changes.

Some of the current serious violations will be downgraded and new violations will be created, said the agency.
The Consejo plans to institute some of the changes in June and others in 2013, officials said Wednesday. The changes are the responsibility of the Consejo’s Departamento de Fiscalización Técnica Vehicular in the Dirección de Logística.

Private automobiles have to undergo the inspection once a year. Taxis are checked twice a year. Riteve has been criticized as a monopoly, and there is a bill in the legislature to expand the possibilities for inspections. Despite what may happen to that bill, the government still sets the rules and the vehicle inspectors follow them.

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