Chicken fighters should fight it out themselves

Those who favor chicken fighting make a valid point when they assert that their “sport” is one of long-standing tradition in many parts of the world.

The same can be said, however, of bear baiting, bull fighting, dog fighting, bare knuckle boxing, gladiatorial fights, Siamese fighting fish fighting, cobra-mongoose fighting, and loosing lions on Christians. And over the years evolved societies have all come to realize the inhumanity of all those “sports” and more. The attitude of the chicken fighters fails to account for the suffering of the animals involved, but there’s a fix for that.

Chickens are fully sentient beings. They feel anxiety and pain just as humans do. They suffer just like us. To fully understand this “sport” from the chicken’s point of view, those who advocate legalizing this sport need to experience what the chicken goes through on a visceral level, so let’s (briefly) legalize fights to the death between humans. The metal spurs the chickens wear could be replaced with knives, and the two could have it out. Let two humans (chicken fighting advocates, of course) fight it out to the death a few times and then maybe the supporters’ attitudes would change.

David C. Murray
Grecia, Alajuela

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