Conditions again ripe for afternoon thunderstorms

Figure more of the same for today. The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional said that humidity from the Pacific coupled with high temperatures will prepare the way for a new round of afternoon and evening thunderstorms.

Once again, the rains will be variable with some areas getting more rain than others. The Central Valley, the Pacific coast and the mountains of the Caribbean and northern zone are likely to be the regions where the heaviest activity takes place today.

Both Monday and Tuesday saw rains and thunderstorms. The western mountains of the Valley
Central were frequent targets of lightning strikes Monday. Tuesday there was probably not more than 10 to 11 millimeters of rain at any place in the country. That’s less than half an inch. But Monday there was three times that amount in some locations.

The weather institute issued its usual warning about possible flooding and slippery road conditions and possible fog. It also issued a reminder about staying indoors during lightning storms and the need to keep metal objects out of the weather.

Each year there are lightning deaths in Costa Rica, frequently of golfers who fail to heed weather warnings. Sometimes dozens of cows are killed because they sought refuge from the rain under a tree.

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