Consumer agency cracks down on Asian markets

The consumer police conducted another one of its sweeps last month, and the target was Chinese markets. Only two of the 10 markets received a passing grade.

The biggest problem was listed as imported food that did not have a label written in Spanish. This is required by law.

The Dirección de Apoyo al Consumidor of the economics ministry conducts these surveys frequently, but this is the first to target stores selling mainly Asian foods. All were in San José.

A smaller percentage of the 368 products studied had other problems, such as a failure to list the country of origin or the name of the importer.

The surveyors said they would file complaints against three markets, Super Los Ángeles, Supermercado 88 and Distribudora Hong Kong. Some 304 products were frozen until labels in Spanish could be added. About 2 percent of the products studied had an expired date, said the surveyors.

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