Drug agents manage to find two stashes of cash in trucks

Ministerio de Gobernación, Policía y Seguridad Pública/Guillermo Solano An employee at the prosecutor's office in Liberia counts some of the money confiscated this weekend.

There may be cocaine on the way up, but the money comes back on the same route. That’s why officers in the Policía de Control de Drogas were able to snag more than $2 million in U.S. currency in two separate incidents at the Peñas Blancas border crossing over the weekend.

Saturday they stopped a tractor trailer driven by a 73-year-old Guatemalan driver. They found 66 packages of bills of various denominations in a fuel tank of the tractor.
The Poder Judicial identified the man by the last names of Octaviano Martínez. The agency said he was traveling from Mexico City to a supposed firm in Tibás.

Sunday they intercepted another truck and detained the driver, identified as a 48-year-old man from Honduras with the last names of Rodríguez Estrada. Agents said he had about 20 packages of U.S. currency in the roof of his cab. He was said to be headed to San Pedro.

Late Monday the Poder Judicial said that the total of both confiscations was $2,180,400. The amount confiscated Saturday was $1,980,400, and the amount confiscated Sunday was $200,000.

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