Drug drama on the high seas captured on infrared video

U.S. Aouthern Command photos Smugglers appear to be dumping some of the cargo

Anti-drug forces are combing the Caribbean and the Pacific with some success. The most recent was an incident in which a drug-carrying fastboat was frustrated in its passage north in the eastern Pacific.

The U.S. southern Command reported that the boat crew faced two helicopters, infrared video cameras, a U.S. guided missile frigate, a U.S. Customs and Border Protection P-3 Orion aircraft, another U.S. ship and eventually a Colombian navy boat that captured the crew.

This was an event in what is being called Operation Martillo or “hammer” where U.S., European, and Western Hemisphere nations are trying to block drug smugglers’ water routes.

The incident that was described this week happened May 6 at night.

Crew of a Colombian naval vessel makes the arrests

The Southern Command said that the Orion aircraft spotted the fastboat that carried an estimated 2,200 kilos of cocaine

A helicopter from the Guided missile frigate “USS Nicholas” picked up the tracking and caused the crew to dump about half their load. Then the “USS McClusky” launched another helicopter that drove the fastboat to the waiting Colombian navy’s “20 de Julio.”

Much of the action was taped with the infrared cameras and later released by the military.

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