Economic irresponsibility hurts national health

What kind of government penalizes its poorest inhabitants by making it more economical to use the most unhealthy cooking oils instead of olive oil? Almost any cardiologist will tell you that decaf coffee is healthier for the heart muscle than caffeinated coffee.

What kind of government penalizes its poorest by limiting the chance of purchasing the best grades of meat? This as other proposed taxes are enacted in place of physically responsible belt-tightening while giving economic belt-tightening some lip service. I see this economic irresponsibility as not helping the national health by trapping the most dependent in poor diet choices. I also see this kind of irresponsibility as rampant in many European countries.

As long as a government has the means to raise the funds it needs to run the country without penalizing any group of its inhabitants, it has a responsibility to do so. As I see it, there are very few ways for a government that constantly penalizes its inhabitants to stay in power, and none of them include popular vote by the people.
Gordon l. Balter

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