Electrical rate hike approved for Heredia provider

Customers of Empresa de Servicios Públicos de Heredia will be getting a rate hike averaging about 10.7 percent as soon as the new decree can be published. Residential service will go up about 13 percent.

The Authoridad Reguladora de Servicios Públicos said that the cost of power for the Heredia provider would go up eight colons per kilowatt hour.

A family that uses 200 kilowatts a month will be 11,000 colons or about $22 U.S. The current rate is 9,400 colons or about $18.80. That is an increase of
about 6 percent. Those homeowners who use more power might see an increase as high as 13 percent, said the authoridad.

Industrial rates are increasing 14 percent, the agency said.

The good news is that rates will decrease slightly in 2013, said the price-fixing agency. It predicted a drop of about three colons per kilowatt hour or about 1.5 percent. But this does not apply to residential customers.

The agency said that the rate hike was needed to offset inflation and to improve infrastructure.

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