Fax machine blamed for blaze that damaged home

Fire investigators are blaming a fax machine for a blaze that nearly destroyed a home in Calle Blancos early Monday.

The Cuerpo de Bomberos received the alarm at 5:30 a.m. The blaze was in a home in El Encanto subdivision in Goicoechea.

Neighbors managed to save the family who lived in the home. They were aroused by the fire and made their way to a balcony where they appeared to be trapped. Neighbors punched a hole in a wall to allow the four members of the family to flee, said fire fighters.
The entrance road to the subdivision is difficult because the streets are narrow and vehicles were parked on both sides, said the fire agency.

Fire fighters had to haul hoses, ladders and other equipment about 75 meters to the fire scene, said the fire agency. The blaze was not controlled until about 7 a.m. The damage was about 65 percent of the home, fire fighters estimated.

The agency issued a warning about electronic devices and the possibility that they may cause a blaze.

About 30 percent of fires are the result of electronic devices, it said. The Cuerpo de Bomberos also said that structure fires are up 25 percent over 2011.

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