Fuerza Pública reports 255 average daily arrests over one year

The Fuerza Pública during the last year has been arresting on average 255 persons a day, said officials Wednesday.

They released a summary that showed that from May 2011 to April 2012, the police force detained 93,151 persons. Of these, some 1,105 were caught in the act of some crime and were eligible for presentation to a flagrancy court that administers swift justice, said the Ministerio de Gobernación, Policía y Seguridad Pública.

No where near these numbers have been processed by the judicial system, so there is no clear answer to what happened to all those who were arrested.
Mario Zamora, the minister, Celso Gamboa, the vice minister and Juan José Andrade, director general of the Fuerza Pública, gave the summary.

Offices confiscated 749 kilos of cocaine, 88,190 doses of crack and 145 kilos of marijuana, said the officials. Not included in these totals are the confiscations by anti-drug agents who are in the same ministry but not Fuerza Pública.

The police agency responded to 492,950 calls via the 911 system to provide the initial contact on 121,610 crimes, said the report.

During the year period, police participated in 817 planned operations, such as raids, officials said.

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