Fugitive who ran vet scam finally caught in Oregon

U.S. federal marshals have captured a fugitive accused of running a scam that raised $100 million dollars from people who thought they were donating to help U.S. Navy veterans.

Authorities identify the suspect as “Bobby Thompson,” which they say is one of many aliases he used. Federal agents captured him Monday in Portland, Oregon, charging him with crimes including theft, fraud, and unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.

Thompson had been on the run for two years since he was indicted in Ohio. He was featured twice on America’s Most Wanted, a popular television series that profiled fugitives. Ohio’s attorney general said it is believed he stole up to $2 million from people in Ohio.

Authorities say Thompson founded a group called the U.S. Navy Veterans Association, and raised nearly $100 million from private donors. But officials say very little of the money, if any, actually went to help American veterans.

Thompson’s co-conspirator pled guilty to the scheme last year and is serving a five-year prison term.

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