Giant plastic bottle sculpture planned to raise awareness

A local environmental organization is beginning an awareness campaign about the great amount of plastic in the oceans.

The organization is Preserve the Planet, and it is working with the Plastic Pollution Coalition. Preserve the Planet said it would erect a large structure of plastic near the Gimnasio Nacional in Parque la Sabana and inaugurate it Tuesday.

Artist Francesco Bracci created the work which is supposed to show the way humans are mistreating the environment with plastic. The structure is to be 14 meters wide by nine meters high, or 46 feet by about 30. It is being called the Ola de Plastico or “wave of plastic.”
Most readers have seen photos of Pacific beaches where the discarded plastic bottles of the Central Valley accumulate. Less well known is that when plastic enters the sea it is chopped finely and infiltrates hundreds of feet of the top layers of the oceans. By this time most of the pieces are measured in millimeters. Scientists worry about ocean life ingesting these plastic particles and the possibility that they may carry disease and unwanted marine life to new locations.

Luis Diego Marín Schumacher, coordinator of Preserve the Planet, estimated that the sculpture contains 6,000 discarded plastic bottles.

Marín said he expected San José Mayor Johnny Araya Monge to inaugurate the display.

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