Lawmakers move to make Caja debts eternal

In addition to death and taxes, debts to the Caja Costarricense will be inevitable, if the legislature passes a bill that has been released for action.

The bill is No. 17.954, and it comes in the wake of revelations of companies and even sports teams that owe large amounts of money to the struggling Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social.

A special legislative Comisión de la Caja reported out the bill Wednesday. The bill says that monies employers owe to the Caja for social security charges will be imprescriptibles, meaning that they will not be extinguished by the lapse of time.

There also is a provision that says the Caja must be vigorous in seeking this money.
Involved are the payments employees and employers make for illness, pregnancy, old age, death and disabilities.

When times are tight, companies frequently fall way behind on their payments.

Since part of the money comes from an employee’s salary, not paying the Caja also means employers take money that does not belong to them. Payments typically are made each month based on the employee salaries of the previous month.

The bill reinforces a section of the Costa Rican Constitution that basically says the same thing. But the bill outlines penal and procedural steps. Although not yet approved by the full legislature, it would appear that Caja charges would have a high priority if a business went bankrupt.

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