National museum will celebrate its 125 years Friday

Friday the Museo Nacional will celebrate its 125th birthday with a public celebration at the museum and the adjoining Plaza de la Democracia. Entrance to the downtown museum will be free that day for Costa Ricans and residents with identification. At 10:30 a.m. museum officials and representatives from Correos de Costa Rica will unveil a commemorative stamp that marks the birthday. Then the Banda de Conciertos de San José under the direction of Juan Bautista Loaiza will play the first of three concerts scheduled for the museum grounds. Other concerts are Saturday and Sunday. The music will be Costa Rican, the museum said. Also Friday a major event is planned for the evening. At 5:30 p.m. music groups will play in the plaza. The museum said the types of dance would include fusion, aerobatics, vertical dance and dancing with fire. Following that will be a program titled Un Viaje al Mundo de los Ancestros or “a trip to the world of the ancestors.” The sound and light show will feature acrobatic artists descending from the walls of the museum dressed as mystical animals from the pre-Columbian era, including reptiles, birds, cats and others, said the museum. A description said that the idea is to create a time portal through which spectators can experience the magic of the ancestors who lived close to nature and animals and these relationships dominated their lives. The Grupo Metamorfosis will close the evening event with original music and also jazz, rock, fusion and Latin. The entire event is free. The museum is between Avenida Central and Avenida 2 in the eastern part of the downtown opposite the legislative complex.

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