Nation’s chief prosecutor says corruption cases flood office

Jorge Chavarría Guzmán, the nation’s chief prosecutor, said Wednesday that he is worried that the increasing quantity of corruption cases are taxing his agency’s ability to handle them.

He said that there are eight prosecutors in the anti-corruption section and that each has an average of 33 complex cases.

He is seeking more slots over and above those provided for in the current budget. He said this would enable the section to attack corruption in the coastal zones, municipalities and in state agencies.

The nation’s prosecutorial agency, the Ministerio Público, has had a run of corruption cases this year. Among them are allegations of payoffs in construction of the new Ruta 1856 along the Río San Juan at the country’s northern border and cases against mayors in Coronado, Mora, Atenas, Alajuela, Bribrí, Jacó, Osa and Golfito, said Chavarría in a statement released by the Poder Judicial.

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