Owners of 65,000 vehicles have not paid road tax

The national insurance institute said Wednesday that owners of some 65,000 vehicles have not paid the marchamo or road tax for 2012. That is about 6.2 percent of the vehicles in the country, it added.

There are 23,859 motorcycles listed as unpaid and 845 buses, it said.

Drivers who are caught circulating without the required marchamo can be fined 308,295 colons, some $616, said the Instituto Nacional de Seguros. So far this year, 994,574 operators have paid the required road tax on their vehicles and the amount they paid was 117 billion colons, said the institute. That’s about $234 million.

The road tax is supposed to be paid by Dec. 31. If it is not, interest and a fine is assessed. Some owners do not pay the tax because their vehicles no longer are road worthy or because they have accumulated traffic fines that have a value greater than the vehicle.

The institute collects unpaid traffic fines with the road tax.

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