People should oppose prosecution of Watson

After reading your article in today’s newspaper, concerning Mr. Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd, and his plight with Costa Rica, I was shocked and horrified. Paul Watson is a “saint” to the other creatures that we (humans) share this planet with.  Sometimes many of us forget that we (living things) are all inter-connected and interdependent. Paul is a constant reminder to all of us; or at least he should be.

His work is an inspiration to us all. To learn that Costa Rica, a country with its rich biodiversity and “claimed” concerns for the ecosystems within its borders, would press ahead with a warrant against Mr Watson, is yet another blow to the international community’s image of Costa Rica.

What has happened to Costa Rica? With so much negative publicity of late, I hope the current government administration has the ability to recognize that Costa Rica is also linked to the rest of the world. That link can either work for Costa Rica, or work against it.

This is an excellent opportunity for Casa Presidencial and the Chinchilla administration to show the world that it truly is concerned about the world’s ecology and is supportive of those that literally lay their life on the line to protect it.

Today I donated money to Mr. Watson’s campaign in the hope that in a small way, I can help in redeeming Costa Rica’s image. This warrant is an insult to the Costa Rican people, and the foreigners who call Costa Rica home.

I am writing you to ask if you could entertain the idea of placing a note in your newspaper, encouraging your readers to donate whatever funds they can to help Mr Watson defray his legal expenses, to fight the warrant, and to write the wrong that Costa Rica has made in going after the one man who stands for the one thing that Costa Rica is “supposed” to be about.

Another idea would be an electronic petition, hosted on AM Costa Rica’s domain server, where people can click their opposition to the warrant, and have the petition delivered electronically to Casa Presidencial.

This would cost relatively nothing, but would hopefully garnish sufficient attention from the President to “do the right thing”.

David Lema

La Garita

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