President outlines her hopes for the current legislative session

President Laura Chinchilla Miranda has made her wish list known to the new president of the Asamblea Legislativa.

She met with Víctor Emilio Granados Wednesday at Casa Presidencial.

High on the president’s list was a bill that would delay the eviction of residents and demolition of structures that are now in the country’s maritime zone. The most endangered properties are in Puerto Viejo and Cauhita. She also pushed for passage of a bill to create a new ministry of sports.

In all, Ms. Chinchilla has about two dozen bills that she said were a priority, according to a summary from Casa Presidencial.

Among these are updating the law covering firearms and explosives, passage of a revised traffic law, a bill to regulate
casinos, another to create crimes for the use of online information, a bill addressing trafficking in persons and protection of minors while they are on the Internet. Also high on the list are a series of bills that the president put forward when her massive new tax bill was set back by the Sala IV constitutional court. These include a bill for tighter management of public funds, a bill to make public financial transactions more open to the public, one to strengthen tax collecting and one to enhance the way Costa Rica borrows on the international markets.

Ms. Chinchilla also spoke in favor of bills for electrical generating and a geothermic generating law, said Casa Presidencial.

Although the current session is not one of those special times when the executive branch controls the legislative agenda, Ms. Chinchilla has more pull with lawmakers now because her Partido Liberación Nacional is in control.

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