Rainfall was and probably will be highly variable

The rainy season is settling in to be more of the same. Afternoon thunderstorms are predicted today all along the Pacific coast.

The Central Valley might get a break with variable showers. And the Caribbean and the northern zone will see just isolated showers.

That is according to the Instituto Meteorológico Nacional, which points out that the distribution and intensity of storms will be irregular. The rain was variable Sunday after a wet Saturday in most parts of the country. Most of the rain in the Central Valley came after 2 p.m. Some areas like La Garita did not get any rain, according to the institute’s automatic weather station there.

Earth University in Guácimo reported an unusual 101 millimeters (nearly 4 inches) since 7 a.m. Sunday. Santa Rosa in the north Pacific coast reported 44.6 millimeters (1.75 inches).

But Liberia, also in Guanacaste reported just 15 millimeters (.6 of an inch). The weather office in Barrio Aranjuez in San José reported just 3 millimeters, a bit more than .1 of an inch.

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