Readers invited to express their political views

This is another presidential election year in the United States, and plenty of expats here have opinions on who should win.

The choice is between the incumbent, Barack Obama, and the Republican hopeful Mitt Romney, although a reader wrote Wednesday to say that Ron Paul still has a chance. There also is Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate.

The main force behind the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is political speech. Readers are encouraged to express their views, tightly and clearly. A.M. Costa Rica is not a discussion list, so readers have just one chance to express themselves on this topic.

Discussion is good. Personal attacks are bad. Readers should try to focus on facts to support their argument.

The election is Nov.6, but most expats here will have filed their absentee ballots long before that date. So A.M. Costa Rica will cut off discussion of the candidates and their positions Oct. 15.

Shortly thereafter, this newspaper will publish its opinion and endorsement.

This is the same rule that applied in 2008, but some readers, miffed at the newspaper endorsement, became enraged when told their letters would not be published.

So if readers have something to say on the presidential or congressional elections, they should say it before Oct. 15.

Of course if someone wishes to insert political advertising promoting one candidate or another, the newspaper will happily accept money at the printed rates. The ad must contain a line of type saying who paid for the message.

This message will be repeated as the election draws near.

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