Rebels in Colombia release captured French journalist

A humanitarian delegation has secured the release of a kidnapped French journalist in Colombia.

The French journalist, Romeo Langlois, was captured by Colombian rebels on April 28 during an attack on troops. He was accompanying them to film a drug eradication operation.

The International Committee of the Red Cross said that a convoy made up of Red Cross staff, a member of the French government and three representatives of a local human rights group, left the Caqueta state capital of Florencia Wednesday morning.

Monday, the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia rebels released a video showing Langlois in a jungle setting in good health.

The Colombian army agreed to suspend all military operations in the area for at least 36 hours while the handover was carried out.

Langlois, 35, appeared surrounded by armed guerrillas in camouflage. He said he was treated well. The release was brokered in part by the Latin American television chain TeleSur.

The former hostage said he never had been tied up and was treated as a guest. He was reported missing while doing a documentary for French channel 24.

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